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Cotton: Raw Material and Precious Metaphor Catalog

The accompanying catalog for an exhibition documenting the 2020 cycle of The Weaving Mill’s  Westtown Artist Residency Project. In the spring of 2020, The Weaving Mill distributed 97 boxes of cotton fluff (waste material that was donated to us by Chicago store Notre, by way of clothing manufacturer to artists around the country to do what they would with. This gesture of dispersed material collectivity was a reaction to the limitations of the pandemic and a way of opening up The Weaving Mill’s annual residency program to a wide swath of participating artists.

The publication and the corresponding exhibition at Brooklyn’s Room 482 included documentation, in both image and text, of the diverse responses to the raw material, a sampling of cotton fluff and an interactive activity board designed to encourage investigation and engagement with the raw material.

A collaboration with Emily Winter, Kendall Schauder, and Alice Gong.