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Paprika! is the Yale School of Architecture’s oft-weekly student-run broad- sheet publication. Designed to be a constantly evolving entity depending on the aims of its semester-cycling editorial staff,’s About page currently describes itself as follows:

Paprika! is a window into emerging discourse from Yale School of Architecture and Yale School of Art. Every issue is student-curated and aims to broadcast diverse voices in the fields of art, architecture and design. Founded in 2014, Paprika! is named after the vibrant orange carpet in Rudolph Hall. Every issue of Paprika! is a newspaper broadsheet uniquely designed by students from Yale’s Graphic Design program. No two issues are alike.”

In addition to being a frequent contributor, I served, along with Nicholas Miller and Ethan Zisson, as the co-ordinating editor during the Spring 2018 academic term and as the pubisher for that entire academic year.With that same editorial team, I also edited five issues of Paprika! that focused on the intersection of architecture and the worlds of speculative fiction and conspiracy theory: “Halloween,” “Conspiracy,” “Halloween II,” “Fiction,” and “Phantasy.”